Donaldson and Son


BMW R100GS - 1989

INIGO GS-4706.jpg

The Granddaddy of the Adventure Bike. 

"The gruelling Paris Dakkar race bred a new kind of bike: fast, torquey, and comfortable on pavement or sand. From their early dominance of the race, BWW bred the R100GS, a bike that changed the way bikes were bought and ridden forever."
Day Ride Rate: 25 points. Available for multi-day rides. 2 available.

One of our "newer" bikes, this iconic "bumblebee" colour schemed R100GS is a true pleasure to ride. With a direct heritage in the world of off-road racing, most notably the Paris-Dakkar race, the R100GS provides great torque, a surprisingly unbuffeted experience when riding at extended distances at highway speeds, but still manages to be a controlled, comfortable city ride.