Donaldson and Son

BMW R60/2, R69US

BMW R60/2 & R69/2 - 1968


The Last of the BMW Kickstart Twins. 

"The Boxer twin found its original advocate in BMW. The slash-two series has a heritage dating to the 30's: the bikes made up to the late sixties took that heritage to its greatest level. Ridden by Steve Jobs and Oliver Sacks, among many others, these bikes are more fun and more stylish than anything needs to be."
Day Ride Rate: 40 points. Single day rides only. 2 available.

The oldest bikes currently in the roster, we offer two variants on the classic /2. The R60 is a 600cc bike whose most striking characteristic is the famous "Earles Fork", a clever front suspension that anticipated the antidive mechanisms of some modern bikes by 40 years. Both bikes are single saddle configuration - but check out Steve Jobs and Oliver Sacks on theirs! The R60 is equipped with the lovely Wixom period luggage as an option.

Its stablemate, an R69US has a higher compression version of the same 600cc engine. With an identical transmission, frame and instrumentation, the other main difference is the more conventional telescoping forks. This was meant to be BMW's most sporting model, prior to the advent of the R75/5.