Donaldson and Son

BMW R75/5

BMW R75/5 - 1972-74


What We Mean When We Say "Classic". 

"The R75/5 may be the most balanced, robust, fun and elegant package on two wheels there is, or ever was."
Day Ride Rate: 20 points. Two-day rides allowed. 4 available.

The slash five series marked the beginning of the modern BMW motorbike. BMW faced restrictions on how large they could make engines after the war, and the 750cc R75/5 is the first bike they released when those restrictions were lifted.

For a few years, few bikes could match the quality, speed, comfort, handling and reliability of the R75/5. They were the police bike of choice throughout Europe; they were ridden by pop stars and celebrities. They were expensive. The were indestructible. More than any other bike, the R75/5 defined what a high-end bike could be as an all-round sports, touring and city transportation.

We have 4 of these bikes in our roster, and each of them is a delight. With a fairly high seat, and a riding position that maintains visibility while keeping the rider poised and ready to handle corners, these bikes are great for group rides, easy runs around the city, or enjoying twisties in the canyons.