Donaldson and Son


BMW R90S, 1974 & 1976


The World's First Superbike. 

"BMW was, for decades, one of the premier motorcycles of the world – as it is today. But in the mid-70's as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki began to dominate, BMW hired Hans Muth – an inspired designer who would later craft the Katana – to build a true superbike."
Day Ride Rate: 35 points. Available for two-day rides. 3 available.

Glamourous and powerful, these bikes were not merely styling exercises. The R90S engine is a higher-compression version of the stock 900cc engine, and the twin front discs do the job befitting a superbike of this period. In fact, the R90S was entered, and won the AMA superbike competition, against a field of japanese bikes, and won decisively. 

We maintain 3 of these beautiful bikes in our roster: one from 1974 (the original year the R90S was introduced), and two from 1976, the last year. The 1974 bike is in the "silver smoke" colour scheme, as all the introductory bikes were. We have a second silver smoke, and one 1976 "Daytona", the distinctive creamsicle colour scheme. 

That allows riding buddies to book out matched Silver Smokes, or pair up a Daytona with a Silver Smoke. The Daytona is equipped with racks and can be fitted with period cases, useful for overnights. On request, we can usually swap racks and bags on to a Silver Smoke.