Donaldson and Son

How It Works

How The Club Works


Using Bikes

Our roster contains bikes of different makes, ages and configurations. Bikes are booked on a per-day basis, and some are available for multiple sequential booked days.

Bikes are for on-road use, and some older bikes might have restrictions on how far you can take them – just let us know where you intend to take the bike before you ride.

Booking Bikes

Members can book bikes in advance, online. We have multiples of our core bikes, and for bikes there's just one of, we work to ensure that all riders get to ride what they want during a year's membership period. In general, we try to ensure every member can ride each bike in the collection as long as their points allow.

See our section on points, below for more details on the use of points to book bikes.


Bike Maintenance

Donaldson and Son maintains a fulltime mechanic who focuses on check in and check out of bikes, regular maintenance, and of course any other repairs, tuneups and upgrades the bikes require. Our goal is to have a mechanic who gets to know each bike, and build a deep ability to keep our machines running safely and at spec.


Our facility contains maintenance, showroom, social and retail space. It'll be where members meet, pickup and drop off bikes, catch a coffee and get work done, and buy custom merchandise through our merchandise partners. 

We also aim to provide a welcoming space for workshops, music, and fashion events.

Vic Jones 500 Jap Sidecar at Angels.jpg

Membership: Points

Membership provides you with points that you use to pay for bike rentals. A one-year membership provides you with 600 points that you use in amounts depending on the bikes that you ride. Our core bikes cost between 20-30 points per day ride, allowing you to ride our basic rides 20-30 days a year. Points reflect how exotic, in-demand, costly or expensive to maintain the bike is.

Should you run out of points before the end of your year membership, more points may be available for purchase, and you can sell your own points to other members via Ride the Classics Club. This is subject to availability; we maintain a balance of ride days and maintenance days to be sure that bikes are not only available, but in reliable, safe condition. In practice, this means we limit the number of points in circulation.

You can also use your points for merchandise in our store, and at our coffee counter, and for special events if there's a charge (most events are free). Points expire at the end of your annual membership, don't roll over, and can only be transferred through Ride the Classics Club.

Membership Fees

We aim to serve a dedicated, passionate group of riders. Maybe you're a millennial discovering iconic masterpieces of past motorcycling – or a boomer reliving (or finally riding) the dream bikes of your own era. Either way, we want to serve people whose love of these classics runs deep.

For many, past ownership of classics might have given way to the practical considerations that come with owning an older bike. For others, we offer a more cost effective way to ride and appreciate classics. For those with bikes, we can expand the fun and experience of riding with a broader base of bikes without the fuss, liability, storage and maintenance.  

Our cost covers the overheads in insuring*, maintaining, licensing and storing the classic bikes, so your experiences are fun and reliable. It addresses the realities of a classic you own that you find yourself waiting weeks or months for a part and a repair. In that light, our membership cost of $7000 per year is easy to justify, if classics are where your heart is.

In our first year, all memberships will be reduced by about 15% to $6000. And for our first 30 pre-registered members, we further reduce the yearly fee a further 15% to $5000. If you are one of the first 30, your membership will be 15% off the regular price for the life of your membership.

Day rentals are paid for exclusively with membership pointsClub points required to ride vary per bike, and our roster pages indicate the cost of each bike, and are subject to change over time. The only cost you incur is day insurance: we even throw in a free tank of gas.

Exact terms are described in your membership agreement. 


We maintain insurance on the entire roster. Riders are only required to purchase per-ride insurance through our insurance partner. Typically, this runs between $40-50 per day.