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Laverda RGS 1000

Laverda RGS 1000 1983


One of Italy's great marques. 

"Riding the Laverda RGS is like few other motorcycle experiences. The low rumble of the exhaust note rises to an F1 like shriek in the high rev range, as the inline transverse triple carries a characteristic tone that immediately sets it apart from twins and fours."
Day Ride Rate: 40 points. Available for two-day rides.

This Laverda RGS 1000 provides a jockey-like riding position that is surprisingly comfortable. The bars are not as low as one might think, so the bike has a hybrid of sports riding posture from the waist down, and touring from the waist up. The fairing provides a modicum of wind protection, and overall its well suited to open highway, while keeping the rider in a head's up position suited to in-town rides. 

The bike is heavier than most, and has a very wide turning radius, which reflects its long-distance riding design goal. The Laverda family started out building agricultural equipment in the 19th Century, and motorcycles were a side effort that became a passion under Massimo Laverda post-war. Unlike BMW, that meant that the company had no precedents to go by when they branched into superbikes like this, and they went for a highly performant, bullet-proof design that is, 35 years later, still a thrill.