Donaldson and Son



Is the Roster Shown Real?

We're building the roster, and what you see is, with a couple of exceptions what we actually have in the roster. Some bikes will be further restored, and we may not show all examples we have - for instance, we currently have 4 BMW R75/5s, and not all are depicted. But what you see is real, and there's more. 

In a few cases, and where clearly noted, we include photos of bikes that we have on our roadmap to add to the collection. 

I don't live in So Cal. What about me?

We don't limit memberships to people who live in SoCal, so if the club makes sense for you, great! Riders can join for different reasons, and if you visit LA a few times a year, and primarily want to ride our higher-end bikes, Ride the Classics Club can be a great choice. We can often make other arrangements for out of state members that can also help justify the cost.

You can sell your membership points through Ride the Classics Club, so cost of unused points can be sometimes be recovered. And you can always use points for merchandise in our online or on-site store. Contact us and tell us what your situation is, and we may be able to work out a membership arrangement that works for you.

Will you be Carrying [my favorite bike]?

Maybe! As we expand our roster to the full 25 bikes, we'll be taking account of our member requests. What would you like to ride?

I want to ride…

Will the Roster Change?

Yes! In part in response to what people like riding, in part as a policy of retiring bikes out before they get into high miles or start costing too much to run. As member, you'll see new bikes coming up, so things won't get stale.

Our projection is that most of our popular, baseline bikes will remain in the collection for about 2 years before being replaced. At the same time, during our first year to 18 months, our roadmap has us growing the collection from the current 12 bikes to 25.

Where are You Located?

We're still in search of our ideal location, but we're opening in the L. A. Area. Our goal is to have a single facility where our bike showroom, repair and maintenance facilities, retail, café and membership facilities can be accommodated under a single roof. 

When Will You Be Up and Running?

We're on schedule to open mid 2018. Official opening will follow a  pre-opening run-in period that will give any members already joined limited, but no-cost access to the bikes as part of our shakedown.

How Does Joining Work?

Membership is open to people with a valid motorcycle license, a clean riding record and at least 5 years experience, over 25 years of age.

If you meet those requirements, we'll ask our insurer to clear you for riding insurance. Alternately, if your regular insurer will verify that your policy covers you, we may accept that instead, but we prefer that all our members use our policy: please contact us if you have questions.

Assuming you clear that (not a problem for most riders that meet our requirements), and your application gets approved, we'll invite you in for an orientation, introduce you to the bikes and do a check-out ride, and go over the rules of the club. After that, you're golden.

How Does Insurance Work?

We have our own insurer, who specialize in classic bikes, and they provide day-rates on insurance. Even if you have your own insurance, our day insurance is mandatory for all rides. That's so we stay in our insurer's good books, and so you're properly protected. There will be options around levels of insurance, relating to damage, liability an so on. You make your choice, and pay before each ride.

How Do You Maintain the Bikes?

We're starting the process of interviewing for fulltime mechanics. Our goal is to do all of our maintenance in house. We're considering a program to let members who like to pull things apart to help in the shop, (but no requirement to do so). Our goal is to ensure that the bikes are worked on by people who knows and loves them, and can be as proactive as possible. 

Every rental will have a check in and check out procedure, and as a rider you'll be asked about any problems you noticed. We'll maintain maintenance records in an online log that our members can view, so you'll know abut the history of each bike.

How Original are the Bikes?

Our goal is to deliver the classic riding experience, in a practical, safe way. So our bikes will be originals, and will have a variety of upgrades to improve safety and reliability, but with the goal that the classic riding experience is maintained.

Examples are modern lighting, particularly headlighting; electronic ignition where it can be fitted, for reliability and performance; in some case, where vintage brakes are not up to the task, modern brakes may be fitted.

The goal is not, generally, a museum piece you ride, but a happy compromise between safety, maintainability and authenticity.

Hey, Not All Those Bike Photos Are Real!

You're right, but where we've used public-domain shots, those bikes are not in our collection, and clearly indicated so. They are bikes that we have on our list of bikes for acquisition, but we can't take a picture of what we don't have – yet. 

Where our bikes are in the process of being rebuilt – like our Laverda and our Ducati – we've included (credited) shots. You'll be able to find pics of our bikes in the restoration process on our various social media feeds.