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The Member Program

The Membership Programs

You won't be the guy in the garage, trying to get your bike to go…

You won't be the guy in the garage, trying to get your bike to go…

The Member Program

If you love riding classic motorcycles, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an exclusive group that devoted to making the experience of riding classic bikes more amazing. And we’re inviting a select few riders to join us.

When you join Ride the Classics Club, our roster of british, european, japanese and american classics is waiting for you. You let us know what you want to ride, and we’ll prep it, even bring it to your door, ready for you to saddle up and ride. You don’t have to maintain, tune or repair the bikes; we take care of that. You don’t have to house them, license or insure them; that’s our job. Your focus is strictly on having fun, and enjoying the experience of riding. You can even take advantage of our bike pickup service, where you can ride to your LA location, and let us get the bike home.

Located in L.A., RTCC is limited to 100 riders who get access to a roster of 25 beautiful bikes from the 60’s through the 90’s. Your membership gets you points that you can spend on rides. Organized group events, or solo rides are all part of the club. And our bikes are unmarked; when you’re on one of our roster, you might as well be on your own bike. Except of course, your own bike isn’t maintained by fulltime mechanics who keep the riding experience sweet and reliable.

We’re especially interested in applicants from interesting backgrounds, including film, music, art, fashion, photography and similar fields. But any experienced rider is welcome to apply. Membership is $7000 annually.

If this sounds like a better alternative to owning, fixing, maintaining – all the things that classic bikes demand – and you want to just focus on the experience, then reach out to us!

The Influencer Program

As a dedicated social media influencer with a love of motorcycles, you’ll be glad to know that we have a special program for you. 

Our brand is Motorcycles. We choose our members carefully, and we want to bring a small group of social media influencers who have roots in communities that our club sponsors want to reach, into our exclusive group. 

Our deal with influencers is simple. Our influencer members are sponsored by a group of prominent companies related to motorcycling gear, tech and  bikes. You work with them through us to coordinate social media presence at events, or in association with products and services. Your obligation is to fulfill these duties through posts and other brand-building activities. Your benefit is a membership in an exclusive group of riders that get access to our roster of eye-catching and beautiful machines.

The underlying goal is to create interest in motorcycles and motorcycling among diverse communities that don’t traditionally associate with our brand partners. Besides the posting expected of you, there are expected to be multiple paid gigs involving extended productions and events with our club, and our sponsors.

If you think you have what we’re looking for; strong riding experience, a large social media footprint, presence in diverse communities (think LGBTQ, Black, Latino, Asian, Tech, etc.), a dedication to meeting requirements and beating deadlines, then let us know who you are.