Donaldson and Son

Our Roadmap

Our Roadmap

Where We're Going, and How We're Getting There

Build the Core Roster

Status: Complete

We've built our core roster of 12 bikes. These are intended to be, for the most part, our workhorses – reliable, fun classics that provide the starting point for our intended collection. That group is almost all BMWs, from between 1968 and 1989. There's a reason for that: BMWs are proven, dependable, performant. But beyond that, they're extremely well supported, with almost all parts available, making keeping these beasts running a low-intensity task that we can handle easily. That allows us to focus on building our more exotic half of the collection. 

With 12 bikes to start with, and 30 initial members, we'll come on line with a great ratio of bikes to riders, while including real iconic classics. 

Build the Initial Membership

Status: Underway

We're in the process of building our initial membership of 30. Early joiners will get up to 30% discount on their first year membership, and 15% in perpetuity, on their memberships, as well as extra riding points, merchandise discounts, and free access to events. 

Our goal is to initially signup interested riders, without any obligation on their part. Once we have enough interested parties, we'll contact each pre-registered rider. Each applicant will be asked to pay their membership at that time.

To be sure you're protected, all fees will be held in escrow until we reach our funding goals. If we fail to reach our goals, we'll return the entire deposit to each person. We'll start the process via a crowdfunding campaign – pre-register to get the announcement first.


Status: up next

Once our initial funding goals are met, we'll move into the setup phase. That means finalizing registration, insurance and other details for each of the bikes in the initial roster in California (we've already put insurance in place, and only need to complete the signup); signing our lease; and completing the employment contracts with our mechanics and other employees and contractors.


With our facility, bikes, insurance, employees and so on in place, we start regular operations. Early members will have free access to the bikes during scheduled group rides, until full operations begin. Our goal is to shake things down. 

Once regular operations start, we'll be doing several things:

  • Continue to build membership, starting with previous applicants who did not get the chance to join in the initial group;
  • Expand the collection; the goal is to bring on a new bike each month
  • Increase the activity, range of offerings and activities at our location. That includes an onsite and online merch store; a cafe; configuration of the space for performances, events and workshops; and initiate group rides and other activities.

Once we reach our goal of 100 members, and 25 bikes, membership will close. We want to make this a group that's small enough that meaningful connections between members can be made, and at the same time make it possible for every member to ride every bike we carry, each year.