Donaldson and Son

The Company

The Company


Where We Come From

As a father and son, we found that more than anything else, riding and working on classic bikes was an activity that cut across lines from boomer to millennial. Focusing mostly on BMWs, but with a love of Italian exotics, we started out buying, restoring and selling the bikes we loved, while riding together and savouring the subtle and bold differences in the bikes we love.

Our company grew out of the observation that bikes make people happy, and especially classics that leave out the computers and assists that can make modern motorcycles a less direct experience than an all-metal, mechanical machine.

Our company is a way to make that appreciation available to a broader group, people who for practical reasons may not want to own a classic, but yearn for the experiences they offer.


Inigo Donaldson

As the son in D. Donaldson & Son, Inigo manages almost all aspects of the company. In particular, he focuses on motorike acquisitions, oversees rebuilds and maintenance, and runs the merch and clothing lines we offer. Guitarist, he plays session and is a band member in a couple of outfits, he'll be coordinating music events at our showroom and event space.


Dan Donaldson

Dan's first bike was a Honda 750F - but a 1982, just missing the cool factor of having a final-year SOHC model, and gaining the indignity of the DOHC. Oh well. And what he really wanted, back then, was a R80GS. Obviously, his life has been a long process of compensation.  Dan specializes in the media, finance and business side of the company.


The Collection

Our goal is to offer a great collection of iconic bikes from the classic era. Our initial collection is BMW heavy, because our experience is that airheads provide maximum reliability in a classic – while offering a best-of-class classic production model ride. Plus, those are the bikes that have appealed to us. But our longer term goals are to diversify the collection, by including more exotics. Among the bikes we aim to include:

  • Ducatis: we already have an 860 GT that's slated for a 900SS or 750SS replica conversion. We're also looking at 900S2's for conversion; Pantahs; and among later bikes, Pasos.
  • Laverdas (we already have one RGS 1000 in the collection); we're also looking at Jotas and SF750s.
  • Moto Guzzi: as of this writing, we're in negotiations for the purchase and restoration of an original LeMans. We're also looking for a candidate for replica conversion; also looking at '71-74 V7's, and Californias and Eldorados for the cruiser fans
  • True Exotics: The real value of the bike club is linked to how unusual and rare the rides we offer are. As such, we're as enthusiastic as anyone at the true exotics.We've started the discussion around eventually bringing on modernized classics like Egli Vincents; Colorado Norton Works Commandos; and even modern customs from shops like Walt Steigel and Deus.

Original vs Replica

Part of our strategy is to mix fully original examples with replicas that are based on originals that can provide the riding experience – and let's be clear, the image – of originals. That gives our membership lower cost access via the replicas, but also the cool factor of riding originals. And as with the Egli Vincent, and the Colorado Norton Works bikes, the mods may be a better experience than the originals, while providing reliability and the same fun level.